LAMIE Travel insurance for A1 customers

Convenient insurance solutions

Welcome to L'AMIE, your partner for insurance products offered to customers of A1. We are
an Austrian based company with an international footprint and long lasting experience in
innovative insurance products fitting perfectly into the world of mobile telecommunication
and providing excellent cover to you.

In cooperation with A1 we are offering convenient insurance solutions for you as a customer of A1.

Basic Travel Insurance

Is a service free of charge to eligible A1 users and provides basic coverage on your trips abroad for:

More details about the cover and insurance services you will find here: Basic Travel Insurance
More information about eligibility for the product you will find at A1's website

Smart Travel Insurance

Is exclusively available for A1 postpaid customers and provides comprehensive insurance cover when travelling
abroad for most relevant risks like:

All information about the cover, registration and insurance services you can find here: Smart Travel Insurance

File a claim

You're already using travel insurance product for A1 customers and want to report a claim to us?

For medical emergencies you can contact us 24/7 at +38659697777

For compensation and reimbursement of costs after an insurance event you can download the claims form,
fill it and send to us. Please read the instructions on the form carefully.