LAMIE Smart travel insurance

Your smart travel companion

As an A1 customer you can subscribe for LAMIE Smart Travel Insurance and will be covered
automatically on every trip abroad once you are connecting your A1 mobile to roaming.
Arriving back home to Slovenia insurance cover is switched off again. Of course you may
opt-out on every trip if there's no need for insurance on a trip. You can subscribe for a single
cover just to yourself or opt for the family including protection to your beloved ones.

Pay your days abroad only

Comprehensive travel insurance cover

There's nothing more boring than getting sick or being hit by an accident abroad, but it sometimes happen.
While there's no guarantee that such things won't happen, Smart Travel Insurance provides you with decent
cover to compensate costs and assists you in case of emergency.

Following risks are covered by Smart Travel Insurance:

You can find additional information in the Insurance Product Information Document (IPID)
Please assess also details of covers and exclusion in the General Terms and Conditions

How to get L'AMIE Smart Travel Insurance

Most of A1 contract customers can register for travel insurance. If you are interested
in the product, the registration will be pretty simple:

  1. To check eligibility of the product for your A1 mobile number please contact your
    next A1 Shop or A1 customer service at 080 040 40 40 41 or check out at MojA1 App.
  2. After successful eligibility check at A1 you will receive an SMS with your unique
    link to L'AMIE's website for online registration of travel insurance.
  3. Your insurance cover starts immediately after registration but stays deactivated
    until you go abroad.
    Note: If you register while abroad, your insurance cover will start the next day
    at 00:01 and being activated automatically.
  4. Upon your return home to Slovenia insurance cover deactivates automatically
    until your next trip.

Always at your service

At L'AMIE customer service we are here to help you with any questions on the product,
information about the cover and in case of a claim.

Medical emergencies are handled 24/7!



File a claim

For medical emergencies you can contact us 24/7 at +38659697777

For compensation and reimbursement of costs after an insurance event you can download the claims form,
fill it and send to us. Please read the instructions on the form carefully.